Friday, May 8, 2009

Beany and Cecil

Today, May 8th, is Bob Clampett's birthday- he worked at Warner Brothers and did some of the best cartoons alongside his peers Tex Avery and Chuck Jones, but more importantly was the genius (if there ever was one) behind Beany and Cecil.
With their various cool adventures aboard the 'Leakin Lena' along with Uncle Captain Huff npuff, Dishonest John- "Nyah, Ha-Ha!" -and a crazy bunch of guest characters and pointed satire, the show is unequaled even to this day, except maybe Family Guy (and at times The Simpsons), and was highly influencial on John Kricfalusi and his baby Ren and Stimpy.
So here's his spoof of a certain famous animator's rodent inspired franchise from 1962-

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