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The World Is A Carousel Of Colours

"...wonderful FABULOUS colours..."

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Father Knows Best

Jiggs from "Bringing Up Father"
1913 - 2000

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Abbott & Costello


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Why A Duck?

Donald's full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. He debuted in the cartoon "The Wise Little Hen" on June 9, 1934, so... today is his birthday.

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The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

A SUPER-Metropolis!!
Underground ROCKET Trains!!!
I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait!
(Sotto voce) Uh-oh...

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Just In Time

Charles Fort-- who was the chronicler of strange anomalies and out-of-place (and time) persons & things in the late 19th & early 20th centuries, and author of The Book of the Damned, Lo!, & Wild Talents, long before his modern successors Frank Edwards, 'Long John' Nebel, right up to our present day sleuths Art Bell and George Noory --would've been really amused.
So too would Ivan T. Sanderson, who coined the term OOPart: Out-Of-Place artifact.
In a earlier posting, "It's Electric..." it was demonstrated that the ancient Egyptians apparently had the knowledge to produce electricity as the pyramids had elaborate stonework and ornamentation which would not be possible to execute otherwise.

No fire or torches were used to light the interior of these monolithic structures-- there are no telltale black soot or scorchmarks present anywhere other than what later explorers, and plunderers, left. But the ancient Egyptians were neatniks, and why not since they used electricity 3,000 years before Edison and Tesla.
So then here's another one to ponder:
So what, big deal right?

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Captain Clean & Kid Clean-Up

This one was aired on Saturday Morning cartoon blocs and combined my love of the graphic arts medium, i.e., "Comic Books"M with pseudo-psychedelia and must've also impressed the folks of WBAI-FM NYC at the time that they incorporated the dialogue into a sound collage that they'd play as 'filler' in between dead airtime while the next show was being cued.

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