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LUNA Landing

October 4th 1957 was the official start of the "Space Age" when the U.S.S.R. launched Sputnik.

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BOY Vol. 1, #2, August 1962

Fav-O-rite Coffee-Maker of PRINCE TALLEN & THE ZUGGS
Frankly It's Out-Of-This-World!

BOY Vol. 1, #1, June 1962

"BOY!" - The Tall Man from "Phantasm"
2 years BEFORE "Happy" Derman or "Butch" Patrick appeared as
EDDIE MUNSTER, and he even looks like another character that
Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher created for CBS-TV in the '50s,
"The Beaver"* played by Jerry Mathers on "Leave It To Beaver"
(albeit a rabid one!)
And how "chic"- a CHIC STONE cover!

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"Uncle Ned" likes "Uncle Harry"

Edward Everett Horton as "Uncle Ned" on TV's
"Dennis The Menace" learned a few tricks from Houdini no doubt.
Like how to eat relish and make money from doing it.
Like getting a student discount for a movie that Maynard G. Krebs
probably saw:
Oh that "Roaring Chicken"!

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