Monday, November 30, 2009

So Now It's "Cyber-Week", Eh?

It's "Cyber-Monday"

Cyber-Monday: The Day When 'The Doctor' Versus The Cybermen, or Cyphermen* or...

Superboy No. 150 September 1968 Cover: Superboy, Mr. Cipher, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent //Neal Adams Story: “The Stranger Who Stalks Smallville” (23 pages) Editor: Murray Boltinoff Writer: Frank Robbins Penciller: Bob Brown Inker: Jack Abel Feature Character: Superboy (last appearance in ADVENTURE COMICS #372) Supporting Characters: Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Lana Lang (all last seen in ADVENTURE COMICS #370) Villains: An alien invader (first appearance; dies in this story), the Mr. Cyphers (robots; first appearance for all; all destroyed in this story) Synopsis: An invader from space infiltrates Smallville with a corps of look-alike robots, each called “Mr. Cypher”, who force their way into every home in Smallville--and who are each powerful enough to take on Superboy.

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Liberace's Greatest Hits

When I was a lil' baby watched Liberace play his grand piano on the old round cathode ray tube television and pretended to play along with him.
I loved this stuff so much so that my parents bought me a toy piano and violin, which of course couldn't really play but I tried to.
This was when I was 2 or so, and liked all sorts of shows that were musical and beautiful, or 'busical' and 'mutiful' as my pal Andy, an old black guy who was a peddler in the '80s would say when selling Valentine or Mother's Day cards, slurring his words as he nodded off to sleep.
Busical cards! Mutiful cards! Busical ca...Zzz...zzZz...Zzzz...zZz...
Would see Liberace on all the variety shows, wearing not his sequined signature outfit, but a rather conservative tux with tails.
He didn't develop that gimmick 'til much later.
Then when I was 8, saw him as Guest Villain on of all things, "BatMan", in a dual role as the Liberace by anything but the name Chantal, esteemed concert pianist, and his evil twin brutha Louie.
Believe It Or Not- this episode of BatMan was the highest rated episode of all time.
Probably a lot of baffled blue-haired old ladies tuned in for the first time and didn't quite get it.
What I couldn't get was whenever someone like Rich Little, Frank Gorshin, or Bugs Bunny even did an impression of Liberace, they'd always use the line, "You dirty rat", oops, "I wish my brother George was here."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zombies On Broadway

You'd think that after like a month or so of ghosks and ghouls and things that go bumpity-bump in the night I'd be sick and tired of such like stuff, but there was so much area to cover and I had interruptions due to my moving last month that I'm still trying to play ketchup- which isn't easy, and certainly very messy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Of The All Dead Saints Day

Well survived the festivities of All Hallow's Eve, only to face (Saint's preserve us!) The Day Of The Dead, and for that we should all be grateful.