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OCTOBER 31st 1967: "The Trees Are Drawing Me Near, I've Got To Find Out WHY... "

Have been thinking of the 50th anniversary of my first formal exposure to Marvel Comics in the Fall, October 31, 1967 to be precise, turned on to them by two hip gypsy kids who lived in the Archbishop Thomas J. Walsh Homes, "the projects."; we had just finished participating earlier that evening in the Harrison NJ Halloween Parade that went along Harrison Avenue terminating @ JFK Stadium, just before the trestle-bridge on Bridge St. crossing the Passaic River; was vaguely familiar with the new
MARVEL SUPERHEROES characters a year earlier on NYC's own WOR-9 which aired the Canadian limited Grantray-Lawrence series before had moved with family to outer suburbia exactly
one year previously on Halloween '66; since it was a fringe area, and parents were too cheap to fork over the $5.00 monthly charge to pay for the community CATV feed, so no Chs. 7, 9, 11, or 13; only
WCBS-2, WNBC-4, and WNEW-5;

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