Monday, November 30, 2009

It's "Cyber-Monday"

Cyber-Monday: The Day When 'The Doctor' Versus The Cybermen, or Cyphermen* or...

Superboy No. 150 September 1968 Cover: Superboy, Mr. Cipher, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent //Neal Adams Story: “The Stranger Who Stalks Smallville” (23 pages) Editor: Murray Boltinoff Writer: Frank Robbins Penciller: Bob Brown Inker: Jack Abel Feature Character: Superboy (last appearance in ADVENTURE COMICS #372) Supporting Characters: Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Lana Lang (all last seen in ADVENTURE COMICS #370) Villains: An alien invader (first appearance; dies in this story), the Mr. Cyphers (robots; first appearance for all; all destroyed in this story) Synopsis: An invader from space infiltrates Smallville with a corps of look-alike robots, each called “Mr. Cypher”, who force their way into every home in Smallville--and who are each powerful enough to take on Superboy.

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