Monday, May 11, 2009

The Amazing Urbmobile

Gilmore, C.P., "How You'll 'Drive' the Amazing Urbmobile",
Popular Science, Oct. 1967
In the early 1960's, a dual-mode Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) concept called Urbmobile began to be developed by Morton O. Weinberg and Robert A. Wolf at Cornell Aeronautic Laboratories. This system made an important contribution to the development of PRT mainly because the Cornell people recognized the need for operation at headways down to one half to one second to get adequate capacity. Having strong backgrounds in the technology of automatic control, they attacked the problems directly and were able to show how it would be possible to operate vehicles safely at such short headways.
The Urbmobile system was however, as usual, never built.
and The Great UFO Probe too!
(I wonder if she's smoking Δ9 'urb'?)

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