Saturday, October 3, 2009


I first read about this in 1973 in connection with a proposed David Bowie project, you know, "...the Halloween Jack is a real cool cat, and he lives on top of Manhattan Chase...", era Bowie, that Bowie.
There were all sorts of rumours circulating then such as Bowie was going to make his film debut in "Stranger In A Strange Land" as 'Michael Valentine Smith', with all the sexual and weird stuff intact from Heinlein's allegory, then Angie Bowie his then wife as 'Jipp Jones' was going to play the new Wonder Woman, and that a film be made with Amanda Lear called...
In her autobio, Angie Bowie mentions a character 'concocted' by her then husband, who she described as "a sci-fi priestess of high Bowie camp and magic [and] a pretty cool customer." This character's name was "Octobriana". Further research (ie, trawling through the early-1970s music press) shows that Bowie was working on a feature film about Octobriana, and had also apparently written songs for the alleged motion picture soundtrack.
But of course these events never happened- and who is Octobriana?

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