Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well I'm baaack, sort of- haven't been doing any entries for a while as am in the laborious process of relocating, so hopefully you'll please excuse me if I'm still spotty at times.
'Octoberfest' is not just a reference to the annual Germanic Autumnal beer festival held in European countries such as Germany, Austria, and parts of Italy and Switzerland, but also worldwide wherever Germanic communities are predominant- and to paraphrase the old classic 1960s Levy's Jewish Rye ad, "You don't have to be German (in this case)..." to be a BIG-TIME 'beer nut'- was going to say aficionado but 'beer nut' sounds just about right in this case; a good corned-beef or pastrami on rye w/mustard & a beer is paradise... and BTW what the hell are Beer Nuts anyway(?)- there's NO beer in 'em at all- they're like 'Apple Jacks' cereal: NO apples and NO jacks either;
'Octoberfest' (on this here blog at least) also refers to the next 31 days that I'll try to provide more pertaining to PoP Cultural stuff & events related to Comic Books, Science-Fiction, and Rock n' Rock, though not necessarily in that order.
Wish me luck!
More later...

Today is Chumley's B-Day

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