Friday, May 7, 2010


After all the attention that the lisping sci-fi 'holiday' received- "May the 4th be with you." -and the very next day after with Cinco de Mayo- remember reading an old MAD magazine where their did their usual TV satire with, what else, "TVarzan", spoofing the Ron Ely series where darkest Africa was actually Mexico with a graphic representation of a map of Mexico with the word Mexico crossed out and Africa in its place instead; in one scene TVarzan and the nubile Polynesian-looking female were in danger from a mongrel bunch of bandoleros, wearing the cliche sombreros and the leader looking and sounding like the Frito Bandito, and telling TVarzan and island girl that at the count of five he's going to waste 'em; so since their at the edge of a cliff overlooking either the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans, Ron Ely has a plan: on the count of three he and the babe will leap over the baddies into the waiting water below; so when the Mexicali villain started the countdown, in Spanish, as planned the hero/heroine jump over and as thwey make their descent he cries, "Into the drink-o, before that fink-o, can say "cinco", and we're stink-o"; at the time I was a 10 years old so didn't know whether he was trying to yell all this as Johnny Weissmuller, or Harry Belafonte- I still don't know.
No sir, none of that faux jokey Lucasfilm inspired comedic holiday for me, or a Mexican beer celebration- after all isn't every day a Mexican beer day anyway?
I instead will enjoy the mashup version of "Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy", with breakbeats and scratching, with real scratches as it's probably from the same ol' 78 r.p.m. that Bob Clampett used in his "Beany & Cecil" 'toons, and later John. K. continued the tradition on the early '90s "Ren & Stimpy", and sip from a mug some spiced-tea from Celestial Seasonings, Tchai, and listen to to an Isao Tomita '70s synth of the rest of the works of Chaikovsky.
"Take tea and see!"

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