Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poe: More Than A Poet? Definitely!

Yesterday was the celebrated birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., and rather than trying to equal or top all the blog entries regarding him, his life, his death, I will later hopefully cover him in another as yet to be ascertained 'item'- I always liked Kolchak The Night Stalker when he spoke into his little tape recorder and before noting an entry he would say 'item', kind of like William Shatner with his 'Captain's Log';

Today however is noted and renowned scribe the late Edgar Allan Poe's B-Day, which had its Bi-Centennial last year (which I missed naturally), and so now I toast Mr. Poe with some green tea and organic jam on those round Silvercup bread thingies which, alas!, they don't make anymore:

"Better late than never (c'mon, say it -more, more...)! "

Oh yeah, it's Tippi Hendrin's birthday too-- wonder what kind of bird she fancies?

Gee, I guess I sound like a raven lunatic.

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