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Superman Astrology

My previous entry was a Reagan-oriented theme, and his wife Nancy Davis who was in two '50s Fantasy/SCi-Fi flicks- 'Donovan's Brain' with Lew Ayres, and 'The Next Voice You Hear' about 'God' on the radio -are certifiable cult classics, also excerted considerable power and influence in the 1980-88 White House second only to the real President-
George Herbert Walker Bush.
Mrs. Reagan was (and presumably is) afirm believer in Astrology (and possibly Numerology, among other things) and always consulted her private astrologers prior regarding any key decisions that hubby Ronnie would have to make and the favorable or unfavorable aspects regarding them.
For this she was widely ridiculed by the mainstream press, frowned upon by
Fundamentalists with their acrimony towards Astrology, etc., and even now President Obama made a 'Nancy Reagan' quip recently further reinforcing the public's perception of a loopy First Lady.
Now personally I'm skeptical about anything so general as Astrology, since human beings are infinitely more complex than 12 birth signs that rule their lives from birth to death, and only know Astrology from the daily newspaper, or those little 'horoscope scrolls' sold in candy stores.
Astromony- yeah, I know a fair amount, but Astrology...?
However, the possibility of something tangible may exist if you consider the following:Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster saw their creation, Superman, aka Kal-El (originally Kal-L, which to me always looked and sounded like a brand of dog food), launched in Action Comics #1 cover-dated June 1938 (actually April since comics in those days were released several months before the actual date on the cover).

Bud Collyer
June 18, 1908 - September 8, 1969
Kirk Alyn
October 8, 1910 - March 14, 199
George Reeves
January 5, 1914June 16, 1959
Christopher D'Olier Reeve
\S/uperman from 1978 to 1987
September 25, 1952 - October 10, 2004
Margot Kidder October 17, 1948
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Original run
September 12, 1993June 14, 1997

Teri Lynn Hatcher
December 8, 1964

Brandon James Routh
October 9, 1979
John Winston Lennon
October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980
(Photographed by Alan Aldridge 1966
for Lennon's book The Penguin and a year later did
The Penguin Book Of Comics which prominently
had '\S/upes' on the cover of the 1967 UK Edition
but which curiously enough replaced him in the 1971 US)

Sir James Paul McCartney- June 18, 1942
using Superman and Superman's Pal
Jimmy (James) Olsen Comics instead of sheet music
^in HELP! (1965) ^
The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's=Lonely Hearts=Club Band
June 1, 1967
h is exactly 29 years after Siegal & Shuster's had Action Comics #1 published.
Day in the Life" is the song by the The Beatles that appears as the final track on their album
Sgt. Pepper's=Lonely Hearts=Club Band.
div align="center">Wikipedia has this to say on the matter:
On "A Day in the Life" as the song ends-"Immediately following the dying moments of the crashing piano chord is a tone too high-pitched for most human ears to hear, but audible to dogs and other animals and most younger listeners (Note: also a cinch for Kryptonian ears to hear as Superman could easily discern his pal Jimmy Olsen's signal watch from other sounds-

alleged intention in inserting the high tone was to irritate the listener's dog.
The crashing piano chord and 15 kHz tone are interrupted by a loop of incomprehensible Beatles studio background noise. Spliced together at random sections, some of the snippets in the loop would play forward to be heard as, "Never could see any other way." Others were played backward as "Will Paul be back as Superman?" (!!!) This lasts for two seconds and the final three syllables are on the final groove, creating a loop that is repeated endlessly. This noise was placed in the concentric run-out groove of the vinyl LP. If the listener's record player had an auto return mechanism, a short burst of noise would be heard before the needle was lifted and moved back into place.
Sir Paul McCartney: "Then the this-little-bit-if-you-play-it-backwards stuff. As I say, nine times out of ten it's really nothing. Take the end of 'Sergeant Pepper', that backwards thing. "We'll fuck you like Supermen." Some fans came round to my door giggling. I said, "Hello, what do you want?" They said, "Is it true, that bit at the end? Is it true? It says "We'll fuck you like Supermen." I said, "No, you're kidding. I haven't heard it, but I'll play it." It was just some piece of conversation that was recorded and turned backwards. But I went inside after I'd seen them and played it seriously, turned it backwards with my thumb against the motor, turned the motor off and did it backwards. And there it was, sure as anything, plain as anything. "We'll fuck you like Supermen." I thought, Jesus, what can you do?"
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^Chris^ ^Frank^^Ronnie^^Nancy^
Maybe Nancy was on to something

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